Hermes Project

The Hermes Project: A virtual fiber optic all around the world

hermes logo The Hermes Project is born with the main goal of taking the free (as in freedom) software to every place where is needed but there isn't enough bandwith to download it. Our main targets are countries where the broadband doesn't exists, it is too expensive, or purchasing the distributions abroad is prohibitive to the mean user/programmer.


The bulb lighted when this off-topic message arrived to wifisec list at Securityfocus.

How we work?

We read every request we receive at our e-mail address explaining:

  • What software is needed
  • What the purpose of this software is
  • What connectivity problems are in recipient's area
  • The address of the recipient

We'll priorize our work taking on basis this information and our project's budget. Send an e-mail with your request to: hermes at gpul dot org


All costs of media, postage and packing will be payed by GPUL or any other associated free software group. Recipients must promise to convert themselves in senders if we receive a similar petition in their area , and, in this case, the costs will be payed by this new sender(of course, if it is in their ability). So we'll have a chain into of senders and recipients into the same area.


GPUL logo This is a GPUL-CLUG project. As the world is wide, and our budget and translators are limited, we wish to sign agreements with another free software groups that want to join us :-) We'll try to contact with groups in Center Europa, North and South America, South Africa and Asia-Pacific to build a worldwide grid.